Facilities Operations

The Facilities Operations Section provides facility maintenance, regulatory compliance management, and facility maintenance contract management to support the Sheriff's Department's 56 facilities. The primary mission of Facilities Operations is to perform the essential maintenance and repair services necessary to keep the OCSD facilities operational and in compliance with legal requirements set forth in various administrative codes. Minor alterations necessary to restore original function and building systems performance may be included in this category of work.

A World-Class Challenge

Modelled upon world class maintenance operations and built on best practices, formal work planning and pro-active preventive maintenance, the facility maintenance effort has steadily reduced failures, reduced and managed costs, and improved service to our internal customers. Most challenging to the maintenance effort is the high-security work and specialized environments used for and by the Sheriff's Department. These include Jails, Forensic Laboratory, Coroner, Emergency Operations Center, Administration and Communication sites. Access to these facilities is tightly controlled and granted only to authorized employees and contractors who have been cleared for limited work areas under constant supervision. The Facilities Operations Section consists of 78 staff members organized into 4 Units.

Maintenance Planning Unit

A team of maintenance planners order repair parts and materials needed for each job in advance, preparing a "ready to work" job schedule for each maintenance shop. Maintenance shop supervisors and maintenance planners combine their efforts to prioritize and schedule the workload for each upcoming week.

Maintenance Shops Units

The Maintenance Shops Units are divided into two service shop areas, each supervised by a Craft Supervisor II. One shop area combines responsibility for the Central Jail Complex and the James A. Musick Facility. The second shop area includes the Theo Lacy Facility and a Core Services shop that serves various facilities and provides electrical, locksmithing, and specialty services to all Sheriff's facilities. These shops perform the in-house preventive maintenance and repair services for a variety of specialized buildings and facilities totaling over two million square feet. A broad range of craft and maintenance specialists are represented within the 47 craft workers and 4 craft supervisory staff of the Maintenance Shops Units

Maintenance Support and Compliance Unit

The Maintenance Support and Compliance Unit provides the point of contact for customer maintenance requests. Work orders, materials requisitions, and a wide variety of reports are produced regularly using specialized software. The unit also provides general clerical support for Facilities Operations including timekeeping, maintenance of document files and daily work order processing. This unit covers a broad range of mandated inspections, environmental protection, safety, and fiscal responsibilities related to maintaining the operating systems of the Departments buildings. A full-time Administrative Manager coordinates resources from other Facilities Operations’ units who contribute to the accomplishment of technical maintenance responsibilities mandated by Federal, State and local regulatory agencies. This unit is comprised of six areas that perform critical support and compliance functions.

  • Budget Planning and Tracking

    The Compliance Manager is responsible to coordinate the development of the annual budget plan and to monitor the expenditures throughout the budget cycle. Known responsibilities and planned maintenance account for approximately 80% of Facilities Operations annual budget with the remainder expended throughout the year to correct the inevitable breakdowns and emergencies that occur in buildings operated on a 24/7 schedule.
  • Regulatory Compliance

    Mandates include documentation and initiation of air quality control actions, combustion equipment inspections and permitting, Fire/Life/Safety maintenance and inspections, vertical transportation maintenance, underground storage tank permitting and inspections, storm water runoff control inspections and workplace safety inspections. The unit also serves as a checkpoint for compliance with purchasing regulations and internal business rules.
  • Contract Management
    The contract management team ensures that Facilities Operations meets the accountability standards defined in the County Of Orange Purchasing Manual and the Sheriff-Coroner's expectation of transparency in the conduct of Department business. A full-time contract services supervisor oversees approximately 80 contracts covering a wide range of specialized maintenance services, parts, and supplies.
  • Division Safety Training Program
    A division-wide training program addresses mandated safety training, job knowledge and trade skills required for the work environment, and professional development goals for each R&D Division employee. Full documentation is retained to meet CAL/OSHA and County workplace safety requirements.
  • Warehouse
    Material support is a key component of world class maintenance programs. The warehouse staff assembles pre-packaged materials ordered by the maintenance planners into our staging area, ready to deliver to the jobsite on schedule. The warehouse also stores critical replacement parts and supplies, special tools and emergency response equipment needed for rapid responses by maintenance shops when needed.
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
    All maintenance work for the department is generated, coordinated and captured in a software database. Preventive Maintenance is guided from within this system and requires constant review and adjustment to allow Facilities Operations to perform the correct maintenance at the right intervals to eliminate equipment downtime and maximize asset life cycle. Analytics are also performed in-house to support business decisions and usher in continuous improvement within the Department.