James A. Musick Facility

 Musick Facility Seal  
Captain Lisa Von Nordheim

Mission Statement

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s Custody and Courts Command is dedicated to providing safe and secure facilities for those entrusted to our care. It is ingrained in our departmental character to uphold the law and is professionally delivered with the utmost integrity. We remain ever diligent to the citizens of the County of Orange with the confidence our staff remain professional in the performance of their duties and vigilant in their efforts to safeguard the community.


The James A. Musick Facility provides custodial and rehabilitative programs for 1,322 adult male and female inmates and ICE detainees. Educational programs are available which enable the inmates to receive a G.E.D. while incarcerated. In addition, educational classes are offered in subjects such as; parenting, substance abuse, HiSET, and English as a Second Language (ESL). Vocational Classes that are offered at the facility includes; Cabinetry, Welding, and Workforce Readiness. The laundry facility at Musick also serves the Theo Lacy facility as well as Orange County Juvenile Hall in addition to the laundry needs for the Musick facility.


The James A. Musick Facility is a one hundred acre minimum security facility known as "The Farm." The facility is located in an unincorporated area of the county near the cities of Irvine and Lake Forest. The assigned captain manages the daily operations of the 1,322 bed facility. The facility was originally opened in 1963 and was named in honor of James A. Musick, who was the Sheriff of Orange County from 1947 to 1975. Originally the facility held a maximum of 200 male minimum-security inmates and was referred to as the "County Industrial Farm" or the "Honor Farm." Since 1986, the inmate housing capacity has increased to 1,322 and includes both men and women. The inmates housed at the facility are considered to be a low security risk and most are in jail for crimes such as driving under the influence, minor drug possession, burglary, failure to pay child support, and or prostitution. Inmates and ICE detainees who have committed violent crimes, sex crimes or mayhem are not eligible for transfer to the facility.