All Hazards

A key principle of Emergency Management is to prepare for all hazards, both natural and man-made, and to write plans that will allow for an effective response and recovery to the emergency conditions that remain unchanged across a broad base of hazards. Please see below for a profile of the hazards that are present in Orange County.

Hazard Profiles

Emergency Survival Program

  • Landslides and Mudslides - Landslides and mudslides are no day at the park.  Know what to do to protect your home.
  • Make a Plan - If disaster strikes, do you have a plan? Don't wait until its too late, make your plan now.
  • Make Disaster Kits - Go, go, go kits! Create a go kit for home and one for work.
  • Pet Preparedness - Pets need preparedness planning too! Now is the time to start getting your ducks in a row!
  • Earthquakes - No one knows when or where an earthquake will occur.  These Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety will help you stay ready!
  • Heat Wave - Do you know what to do if you or someone you love has been overexposed to the heat?
  • Wildfires - The heat gets turned up in August but in SoCal fires can be a threat year-round.  Stay vigilant and protect your home. Ready, Set, Go!
  • Back to School - School is just beginning, so what better time to prepare your child for an emergency and reinforce smart tips on staying safe at school.
  • Drop! Cover! Hold On! - Get on board with the Great California Shake Out!  Make sure you practice how to Drop! Cover! And Hold On!
  • Shelter in Place or Evacuate - When things start to shake and you begin to debate, know what is best for you and your family; stay or go?
  • Floods - Don't get swept off your feet! Learn how to stay safe during a flood.