Advisory Councils

Emergency Management Council

The Emergency Management Council was established in Title 3, Division 1, Article 1, Sections 3-1-1 through 3-1-9 of the County Codified Ordinances in accordance with California Government Code section 8610. The Emergency Management Council is the county disaster council mandated by the State of California to develop the local emergency plans for any type of natural or manmade disaster. Members of the Emergency Management Council are established by County Resolution and include a member of the Board of Supervisors and appointed members from the County Executive Office, Orange County Public Works, Orange County Fire Authority, Health Care Agency, Sheriff-Coroner Department, Social Services Agency, Probation Department, Orange County Waste and Recycling, Orange County Community Resources, and the Orange County Transportation Authority.

Operational Area Council

The Orange County Emergency Management Organization (OCEMO), Operational Area Council, and Operational Area Executive Board were established by the Operational Area Agreement and by Board of Supervisor Resolution 95-870. OCEMO and OA Council membership comprises of emergency service coordinator representatives from public, private, and non-profit organizations from all political subdivisions in the County of Orange, including cities, school districts, and special districts. OCEMO meets on a monthly basis to discuss emergency management related business in the county. 

The Operational Area Executive Board consists of representatives from the County Board of Supervisors, the Orange County City Engineers’ and Public Works Directors’ Association, the Orange County Fire Chiefs’ Association, the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Coordinator, the Independent Special Districts of Orange County, The Orange County Health Care Agency-Health Care Mutual Aid Coordinator, the Orange County Police Chiefs’ and Sheriff Association, the Orange County Public Works-Public Works Mutual Aid Coordinator, the Orange County-City Manager’s Association, and the League of Cities, and one joint representative from the Orange County Superintendent of Schools, Community Colleges and School Districts. The Executive Board reviews and approves emergency plans for the Operational Area and makes recommendations to improve emergency management for the entire region.

The Emergency Management Council and Operational Area Executive board meet quarterly.

Emergency Management Council & Operational Area Executive Board Agenda

February 2018 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
November 2017 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
August 2017 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
May 2017 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
February 2017 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
November 2016 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
August 2016 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
May 2016 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
February 2016 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
November 2015 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
August 2015 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda
May 2015 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda 
February 2015 EMC/OA Exec Board Agenda