OCSD Seal Portrait of Ken Burmood
Captain Ken Burmood

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Investigations Division to provide professional, responsive and caring law enforcement to the community by striving for excellence. In every aspect of investigative services while maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity. The division will maintain an extraordinary degree of professional knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of all investigative disciplines. In order to pursue all criminal investigations in full accordance with applicable laws, policies and procedures. The division will provide quality, effective and timely investigative services in accordance with a courteous and professional manner to the communities we serve.
The Investigations Division is comprised of the Criminal Investigations and Special Investigations Bureaus. The Investigations Division is designated to investigate specific criminal actions, which have occurred within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Department. The Captain, reports directly to the Commander of the Investigative Services Command. The Lieutenants of the Investigations Division are empowered with the oversight to command the day-to-day operations within their divisional investigative details. Each detail is supervised by a Sergeant.