North Investigations

North Investigations consists of general criminal investigations, in-custody court liaison and jail crimes. The seven investigators assigned to this detail are responsible for investigating crimes committed in the contract City of Villa Park, all county facilities, county parks (including Irvine park and Mile Square park), and the following unincorporated areas of North Orange County: Anaheim, Santa Ana, Santa Ana Heights, Tustin, Orange, El Modena, Orange Park Acres, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Costa Mesa, Newport Coast, Brea, Irvine, the canyon communities of Silverado, Modjeska, and Black Star, Midway City, Fountain Valley, La Habra, Sunset Beach, Rossmoor and Emerald Bay. The John Wayne Airport, Orange County Fairgrounds, justice centers, jail facilities and any hazardous material case also falls within the span of responsibility of North Investigations.

Area investigators are assigned specific geographical areas within North Orange County. They investigate a variety of crimes indigenous to the areas within the scope of their responsibilities. By fostering the community-policing concept, these investigators are responsive to the particular needs and concerns of the communities they serve. They meet regularly with homeowners associations, business leaders, and community groups to address and tackle those crimes that diminish the quality of life for the residents. Area investigators also prepare and distribute monthly newsletters to neighborhood crime prevention groups and homeowners associations. Within this investigative detail, the area investigator and specialized investigative teams work in harmony to provide the community with prompt, effective criminal investigations.

General Investigations handle a multitude of crimes committed against property and against persons. Property crimes consist of thefts, burglaries, and vandalism while crimes committed against persons consist of such crimes as assaults or robberies. Offenses that involve sexual crimes, spousal or child abuse, fraud or homicides are investigated by those specialized details.

City of Villa Park

The City of Villa Park is located in the center of Orange County. It is the county’s smallest city, encompassing 2.1 square miles. Villa Park has a population of 6,332. There are about 1,800 homes, mostly on half-acre lots. Except for one shopping center, the city is zoned exclusively for single-family residences. The shopping center includes a grocery store, banks, a variety of small stores and offices, city hall, a community room and a branch of the Orange County Public Library. Villa Park has four schools within its boundaries, each within walking distance. The schools are Villa Park High School, Cerro Villa Middle School, Villa Park Elementary, and Serrano Elementary.

The city was incorporated in 1962 but the Sheriff’s Department has provided police protection long before its incorporation. The city contracts with the Sheriff’s Department for around the clock law enforcement, traffic, and criminal investigation. Villa Park has the lowest crime rate of any city in Orange County.

Jail Crimes

The Investigation Detail’s jail crime investigators investigate all jail crimes and incidents within any of the department’s jail facilities. The duties are divided between the Main Jail, Intake Release Center, Theo Lacy Facility, and the James A. Musick Facility. The cases assigned to these investigators are both felonies and misdemeanors. They present a variety of criminal activity against persons and property.

In-Custody Court Liaison

The investigative assistant has the primary duties and responsibility of filing all in-custody reports for the North Operations Patrol Division. The investigative assistant prepares the court package, consisting of crime reports and various forms, necessary for the District Attorney’s Office to review prior to filing or refusing the case.

The investigative assistant verifies the in-custody court lists daily and coordinates the prompt filing of in-custody reports. The assembly of court packages is a fraction of the responsibility of this position. The investigative assistant also responds to requests for follow-up work by the District Attorney’s Office, along with requesting and obtaining reports and evidence for successful prosecution.

Fugitive Warrants

The Fugitive Warrant Detail currently consists of one investigative assistant. The North Investigation Detail’s sergeant is the direct supervisor for this detail.

The primary functions of the investigative assistant is to process extraditions and renditions, and to process and serve Governor’s Warrants.

Extraditions consist of transporting Orange County fugitives back to Orange County who have been arrested out of state. This involves arranging transportation of the fugitive back to Orange County by obtaining the warrant, making travel arrangements for the personnel picking up the fugitive, processing the appropriate paperwork for felony filing on escapees, and submitting the appropriate paperwork to the state for reimbursement.

The investigative assistants also process renditions, which are fugitives from other states taken into custody in Orange County. A rendition consists of preparing the court paperwork for filing fugitive charges against the prisoner and coordinating the transfer of the fugitive from Orange County to the demanding state. It should be noted that the fugitive’s arrest is not an execution of the demanding state’s arrest warrant.

A governor’s rendition warrant is an original warrant of arrest and supersedes any existing fugitive warrant issued. This process begins when a fugitive refuses to sign a waiver to go back to the demanding state. This warrant is served on the fugitive whether or not he/she is in custody and is then taken into actual custody.