The North Narcotics Detail is responsible for the investigation and suppression of narcotics activity in the unincorporated north, central and west Orange County areas. This includes the contract cities of Stanton, Villa Park and the John Wayne Airport. The detail is comprised of six investigators and one sergeant. The sergeant and four investigators are assigned to Sheriff's Headquarters while two investigators and a narcotics canine are assigned to the airport.

The South Narcotics Detail is responsible for all contract cities south of the City of Irvine to the San Diego border as well as all unincorporated communities in the south Orange County area. The detail consists of seven investigators, one having a narcotics canine assigned to him, and one sergeant.

Investigations performed by these details require the use of an assortment of techniques such as surveillances under-cover operations, informant development, information gathering and analysis, and the service of search and arrest warrants. Although the investigators are involved in the arrest of numerous mid and upper level narcotic violators, the main focus of the detail is the deterrence and arrest of street level violators.

Narcotics interdiction is accomplished at the John Wayne Airport by evaluating passengers and ticket purchases along with other observations and information gathering. Airport interdiction includes random luggage searches, cargo searches and counter-to-counter parcel searches. Throughout the nation, airport narcotic officers share information they've uncovered or observed, resulting in frequent seizures and arrests nationwide.

Along with their other duties, the Narcotics investigators also work closely with State Parole and County Probation officers and the courts. They conduct probation and parole searches and are frequently called upon to testify as experts in the field of narcotics. They also utilize their narcotics expertise with "under the influence" cases.

As noted, the Narcotics Detail has a large area of responsibility and on a daily basis addresses the concerns of the citizens of Orange County. From the complex workings of the major narcotics traffickers to the methods and operations of the simple street user, the detail actively and aggressively pursues narcotics violators.