Emergency Communications Bureau

 Emergency Communications Bureau Seal  
Portrait of Gene Inouye
Lieutenant Gene Inouye
Emergency Communications Bureau Commander

The Emergency Communications Bureau is a 24/7 operation and is based at the Loma Ridge Emergency Operation Center. The Bureau consists of Dispatch, and the Control One component of the Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS).

Our Emergency Call-Takers receive approximately 2,500 calls per day and our Radio Dispatchers ensure that deputy sheriffs are provided with the information necessary for them to serve our 13 contract city partners as well as all Orange County unincorporated areas. Emergency Communications Coordinators provide vital information to all Orange County law enforcement agencies and are responsible for coordinating radio traffic on county-wide emergency frequencies.

The public safety radio and microwave systems are maintained by the Sheriff's Communications Division. Office space and technical service bays are located at the Loma Ridge Facility and utilized for the technical support and maintenance of the backbone radio systems utilized by law enforcement, fire service and local government agencies county wide. The radio consoles and equipment utilized by ECB, Control One and the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) are also maintained by this division.

The Loma Ridge Facility is located in the City of Silverado, 14 miles from Sheriff's Headquarters in Santa Ana. It is strategically built on an elevation of 1,320 feet, on 5.99 acres and leased from the Irvine Company.