ECB - Dispatch

The Emergency Communications Bureau (ECB) for the Sheriff's Department encompasses the radio dispatch center and Control. Radio Dispatchers receive 9-1-1 and other calls from the public for Contract Cities and all unincorporated county areas. They dispatch all calls for service, maintain two-way radio contact with Deputies in the field and coordinate radio communications with allied agencies. The Emergency Communications Bureau is maintained for twenty-four hour operations.
Radio Dispatchers are the lifeline of the field deputies and provide a vital service to our communities and Orange County peace officers. They monitor deputies’ whereabouts, individual needs and activities. They are also tasked with providing communications to hundreds of staff members from the many other components of the agency. The 9-1-1 call takers are the lifeline, sometimes lifesaver, to the public. Theirs is the calm and assured voice on the other end of the phone when a resident of our jurisdiction requires immediate emergency response by a deputy sheriff. In 2014, there were over one million phone calls into the sheriff’s dispatch center.

ECB Staff

1-Division Commander (Captain)

1-Bureau Commander (Lieutenant)
5-Patrol Watch Commanders (Lieutenants)

5-Supervising Radio Dispatchers
60-Radio Dispatchers
2-Centrex Operators

1- Facility Maintenance Specialist