Canine Services Section


canineIn February of 1985, the Sheriff’s Department recognized the need to initiate a K-9 program. This program has significantly reduced the man-hours used searching for suspects, evidence and narcotics. Officer Safety has also been significantly impacted by the implementation of a K-9 Unit. Eight deputies and their canine partners currently provide coverage within the County. Their high-visibility acts as a powerful deterrent for criminal activity. High levels of training and commitment of the canine deputies, has established this Unit as one of the most highly respected in the state.
With the utilization of just one dog team, the Department is able to reduce the manpower needed to search large building and open rural areas, by over 50%. Additional benefits are the reduction in property loss and injuries to deputies as well as, an increase in the number of arrests of subjects who were in the act of committing crimes.

OCSD canines are proud members of The Orange County Police Canine Association.

K-9 Unit phone number: (714) 647-6199.

All canines are purchased through donations from the public. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Sheriff’s Advisory Council to support the K-9 Unit, please contact Executive Director Marilyn MacDougall at 714-647-4135.