Mass Transit Bureau

Sheriff's Non-Emergency Dispatch:
714-647-7000 or 949-770-6011

Portrait of Mike Jensen
Lieutenant Mike Jensen
Chief of Transit Police Services

OCTA Transit Police Services Overview

The mission of the OCTA Transit Police Services is to maintain a safe and peaceful environment for OCTA customers and employees, and to ensure the security of OCTA property.

Sheriff Vechicle and OCTA BusThe Mass Transit Bureau (MTB) has been responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the OCTA buses, transit centers and rail right-of-ways since 1993.  In 2009, OCTA recorded 57 million boardings, with an average daily ridership of 155,000 boardings.  The Mass Transit Bureau is staffed with Deputy Sheriffs, serving both Fixed Route Transit and Right of Way Operations.  Fixed Route Operations is primarily responsible for handling calls for service on OCTA buses, Access Service, taxi cab enforcement, and patrolling transit centers, OCTA properties and bus stops.

Sheriffs talking to a personThe Right-of-Way Operations responsibilities include rail right-of-way enforcement and targeting transit specific crimes, such as graffiti, fare evasion, disturbances and problematic bus routes.  The primary focus of the Right-of-Way team is the enforcement of right-of-way violations on 47 miles of OCTA owned right-of-way.  The OCTA right-of-way is the backbone for Metrolink commuter rail service and it is vital that both commuter and freight service travel safely along the rail corridors operating in Orange County.

Deputy talking to a personThe Mass Transit Bureau also works closely with the OCTA Management Team and Coach Operators in developing proactive strategies for both crime prevention and addressing crime related issues on OCTA bus routes and rail right-of-ways.  The MTB and OCTA employees have created many special enforcement programs, which are currently deployed system wide.  These include graffiti abatement, Directed Enforcement operations, Orange County Taxi Administration Program (OCTAP) enforcement days, and Operation Lifesaver (nation-wide rail safety program).  These programs rely on aggressive enforcement and education to decrease the negative impacts on our county-wide transit systems.  Most importantly, they enhance safety and on-time bus and rail service for our customers.

Two DeputiesThe Mass Transit Bureau utilizes a community policing approach to engage both law enforcement and the transit user community.  We work closely with customers, businesses and many local, state and federal agencies throughout the southern California region.  Our OCTA customers readily report bus incidents and we work with our business partners to mitigate any problems at bus stops or layovers.  The Mass Transit Bureau also created the OC Transit Security Coalition, which provides a network for all public safety stakeholders to meet quarterly and share transit security information and identify problems or issues facing both transit users and transit operators.  Additionally, it will ensure a unified response to incidents occurring on our transportation systems.  These collaborative efforts will make sure we are utilizing all available resources, both “to respond” and “recover from” critical incidents occurring on our transportation network systems.

I am very pleased to report, the Orange County Transportation Authority and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department – Mass Transit Bureau work very closely together to provide a safe and secure commute for transit users in Orange County.