Drug Court

Drug Court Program began in the South Justice Center in January of 1997. The Sheriff's Department became actively involved in the program in January of 1998. The program is a court supervised comprehensive treatment program for non-violent offenders, who have been arrested for felony drug related charges. It is a voluntary program, which lasts no less than one year. During the program, participants are subject to regular court appearances and treatment, which includes drug testing, individual and group counseling, and regular attendance at a 12-step program.

Currently there is one deputy assigned as a liaison to Drug Court. This deputy works closely with the Orange County Probation Department and the Drug Court Superior Court Judges. He or she educates and encourages deputies to participate in the enforcement of the program, and is an active member during the evaluation of prospective candidates. The deputy monitors court proceedings, and assists with probation searches.

There have been 230 participants admitted into the program since its inception. Of those, 84 have completed the program and graduated. Only 7 of those that graduated have been rearrested on drug or alcohol related offenses.