Office Of The Sheriff & Executive Command

Portrait of Sandra Hutchens

Sandra Hutchens

Portrait of Don barnes

Don Barnes

Executive Command

The success of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is not just from the efforts of one individual, or even a few, but the hard work and dedication of all of its members. The Sheriff's Executive Command and staff support the mission of the Sheriff's Department and work to maintain a transparent and honorable department, providing exceptional law enforcement services to the residents of Orange County.

Portrait of Brian Wayt
Executive Director
Brian Wayt
Administrative Services Command

Assistant Sheriff
Stu Greenberg
Custody Operations Command

Assistant Sheriff
Jeff Hallock
Professional Services Command

Assistant Sheriff
Bob Peterson
Field Operations &
Investigative Services Command

Portrait of Mary Izadi
Constitutional Policing Advisor
Mary Izadi
Constitutional Policing

Portrait of Robert Beaver
Senior Director
Robert Beaver
Administrative Services

Joe Balicki
Custody Operations Services

Jon Briggs
Professional Services

Dave Sawyer
Field Operations

William Baker
Investigative Services