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Ray Grangoff
Government Relations

Gail Krause
Community Relations

Jaimee Blashaw
Public Relations

Sophia Larsen
Public Affairs Specialist


The Office of Public Affairs is responsible for engaging stakeholders and providing honest and transparent communication. We aim to build and maintain a strong reputation for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department by developing mutually beneficial partnerships and serving as the primary liaison between the community, the media and elected officials.

The Public Affairs Department is made up of several collaborative groups known as Community Relations, Government Relations, Media Relations and Public Relations.

Community Relations

Community Relations serves as the nonprofit liaison for the Department, coordinating county-wide community relations efforts and promoting OCSD as a committed community partner. Community Relations collaborates with Orange County nonprofit organizations to maintain existing and develop new partnerships, coordinates the Sheriff’s Diversity Council, and implements special events that showcase the vital service OCSD provides to the community.

Government Relations

Government Relations serves as the liaison with OC Board of Supervisors and other elected officials promoting and advancing the strategic initiatives and goals of the Department.

  • Local, county, state and national municipalities
  • Community and government activities
  • Briefings, talking points, and scripts

Media Relations

Media Relations is responsible for the handling of media inquiries and the dissemination of honest, transparent, and timely communications to the citizens of Orange County, while being mindful of public safety, news outlet deadlines, and the limitations of Department resources.

  • Television production
  • News stories
  • Department Branding

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Public Relations

Public Relations is responsible for strategically managing the communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between OCSD and its stakeholders. We focus on proactive, positive promotion of OCSD’s programs and services through broadcast, print, digital and social media.

  • Press releases
  • Sheriff's blog
  • Social media
  • Video production

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To reach the Public Affairs Office, please call 714.647.7042