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2004 OCLEEAA Winter Academy

Explorer Post Badge LogoThe Orange County Law Enforcement Explorer Advisor Association (OCLEEAA) sponsored the 2004 Winter Explorer Academy at Riverside, California, from February 12th through February 16th. The Explorer Academy simulates an abbreviated basic law enforcement academy. 101 explorers, from throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties, began the academy; 100 successfully graduated. Orange County Sheriff’s Department Explorer Post 449 was strongly represented and proudly saw 24 explorers graduate at the Garden Grove Community Center on February 16th. Several of those graduates were presented awards for various achievements:

Overall Outstanding Explorer (Top Explorer): 3rd place Chrysanthy Ha; 4th place Paul Krueger
Most Improved Explorer: - Natascha Peavy
Drill: 3rd place - Sapphira Ha; 4th place - Paul Krueger; 5th place - Chrysanthy Ha
Notebook: 2nd place - Chrysanthy Ha; 5th place - Rosamaria Cortez
Written Test: 3rd place - Natascha Peavy
Male Physical Test: 4th place - Daniel Smeltzer
Female Physical Test: 2nd place - Janelle Stinson; 5th place - Heather Stinson

We would like to congratulate the following Sheriff’s Explorers for completing the 2004 OCLEEA Explorer Winter Academy.

  • Joseph Perez
  • Manh-Phi Nguyen
  • Rosamaria Cortez
  • Jose Preciado
  • Tim Ashbaugh
  • Aaron Biancrosso
  • Natascha Peavy
  • Chrysanthy Ha
  • VSapphira Ha
  • Janelle Stinson
  • Heather Stinson
  • Paul Krueger
  • Tom Perkins
  • Charon Simmons
  • Chris Garcia
  • Marcus Garcia
  • Gene Minko
  • Andrew Ha
  • Andrew Gulling
  • Leslie Adams
  • Daniel Smeltzer
  • Nick Turtenwald
  • Glenn Tibay
  • Victor Gallegos

2004 OCLEEAA Winter Academy

Explorer Post 449 would like to thank Deputy Bill Simandl (Theo Lacy Branch Jail), who was the Director for the 2004 Winter Academy. Deputy Sherri Gilman (Harbor Justice Center-Laguna Niguel), Deputy Bart Epley (Intake Release Center), and Supervising Radio Dispatcher Supervisor Karen Daly (Emergency Communications Bureau), who mentored, trained and monitored the explorers in their role as Explorer Academy Tactical Officers. Explorers Dan Grijalva, Matt Watson, Desiree Lopez and Jeremy Buragulia for assisting the Tactical Officers at the academy.

2004 OCLEEAA Winter Academy

Explorer Post 449 would also like to thank Captain Pete Gannon, Lt. James Lazzaro and Sgt. Kirk Antes of Sheriff’s Transportation for arranging the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Busses used to transport the 100 explorers to and from the academy in Riverside, California. Special thanks go to the Sheriff’s Video Unit for memorializing the academy events and antics for the viewing pleasure of the audience at the graduation.