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OCSD Assists With Community Clean-Up in SJC

On November 18th, 2012, The San Juan Capistrano Police Services supported the residents of Capistrano Villas Community to show that they care about the appearance of their community with a Clean-Up Event. Through our partnership, resident in this community discarded all abandoned sofas and debris found in the alley ways. This will help deter criminal elements from using these as a place to congregate and conduct criminal activities. Additionally, residents also benefitted from discarded their own unwanted items from their homes. Our message to the residents remained the same ~ Be an active neighborhood watch participant and partner with us and be the eyes and ears for the community by reporting suspicious persons and activities to the OCSD Sheriff’s Department. The clean-up successfully rekindled their neighborhood pride and strengthened their sense of ownership. A clean neighborhood, reclaimed and frequently used by residents is less attractive to criminals and more attractive to the residents, which makes the community safer.