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Attempt to Identify Suspect in Home Burglary

On Monday 12-17-12, approximately 1030 hours, an elderly homeowner was approached in his driveway by a subject stating he was from "city hall" and needed to inspect the backyard. The subject saw the homeowner’s wife through the kitchen window as he was being escorted to the backyard by the homeowner. The male subject then told the homeowner his wife would also need to meet with them in the backyard. The homeowner and his wife were both kept busy by the male subject, measuring brick walls and discussing the various trees that "were not in compliance". At one point the subject had the wife hold his note pad while he took measurements. The victim estimates the subject kept them distracted for approximately one hour. The subject stated he would return in two weeks to make sure the trees had been trimmed and then walked around the corner. The victim did not see any vehicles associated to the subject or accomplices. The victim did not realize his home was burglarized until approximately 2100 hours when the wife noticed jewelry missing from her jewelry box. The residence had not been ransacked or rummaged through and everything appeared to be in order.
It is believed the subject kept both homeowners distracted in the backyard while a second subject entered the residence through the unlocked pedestrian door on the side of the garage. The subjects were very careful to leave the residence undisturbed. The subjects targeted jewelry only and did not take any computers, laptops or checkbooks.
The subject is described as being a male, White or Hispanic, about 5’7" tall, medium build, black hair above the collar, no facial hair and between 30 to 35 years old. The subject was wearing a khaki baseball cap with an unknown patch on the front, long sleeve "charcoal" grey jacket, black pants and high top athletic shoes (unknown color).