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OCSD Deputy Wins German Shepherd Puppy

OCSD Deputy Richard Trucks was one of two lucky winners of a German Shepherd Puppy Opportunity Drawing benefiting an injured LASD deputy. Below, Dep. Trucks tells of the beloved family pet they lost just days before the drawing started, and how he chose their new puppy Nala as part of the family.

“My wife and I had been married for about 12 years and had not owned any pets as a couple yet.  Xena was our first pet together as a family.  My oldest son was 10 years old and our youngest just 18 months old when I brought Xena home.  

“Xena was a puppy when we rescued her from a shelter. I boarded her for a few days so she would be a surprise for the kids on Christmas Eve.  Xena was a Labrador / Chow mixed bread.  She was affectionate towards people but she viewed anything with feathers or fur as either a threat or lunch.  Xena was a member of our family.  She was always there to greet me when I got home and followed me to the door when I left.

“Two years ago we lost our other pet, Shadow.  She was a black Labrador we got as a puppy about six months after we brought Xena home.  She was another family member and Xena’s partner in crime.  When they were about three years old they ran away together.   I searched for hours without success before I finally had to go to work.  I received a call from a woman who worked at the Chino State Prison.   My cell phone number was etched on a tag, along with their names, on each of the dog’s collars.  I had to call my Sergeant to tell him I would be late for work because my dogs were in Prison.   

“In November 2012, my wife contacted me at work to tell me she found Xena dead.  We were told Xena died of natural causes.  She was part of our family for over 14 years.

“The next day at I saw the flier advertising the opportunity drawing for a German Shepherd Puppy.  I entered because I thought it was a good cause.  I found out I won second pick and I was amazed we won.  I wanted to pick our puppy right away. My wife and I agreed to get a female so we picked Nala from the litter.  We picked Nala because of her unique color.  She has a light brown coat, a black snout, and on her tail she has a black stripe and a black tip.  The breeder told us she was the runt of the litter but she was the first to bark.  

“Nala came home on December 23rd, just before Christmas. She is very intelligent.  She has already learned a few commands and house training is coming along with only a few ‘mistakes’.  After having dogs as a part of your family, it just doesn’t seem right without them.”

The German Shepherd Puppy Opportunity Drawing was extremely successful and raised more than $4,000 for the LASD Temple Station Charitable Giving Campaign. Congratulations to Deputy Trucks and his family on their new addition, Nala!