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Remembering a Fallen Hero

On November 6, 1980, while working his shift in the Warrant Detail, Investigator Essoe and his partner drove to a local mall to collect bail on a warrant.  As they looked for a place to park their unmarked car, the investigators saw three men attempting to steal a car.  The men all were parolees.  Investigator Essoe was fired upon as he attempted to make contact with the men.  The shot paralyzed Essoe from the chest down.  Following the shooting, Essoe was promoted to the rank of sergeant.  Even after his life-threatening injuries, Sergeant Essoe continued to give back to the department.  Essoe remained paralyzed and struggled to survive through many medical problems directly related to the shooting.  On February 4 2010, Retired Sergeant Ira Essoe succumbed to his injuries.  The coroner ruled his death a homicide – “delayed complications from remote gunshot wounds.”