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    Kindness Counts in San Clemente

    The following is en excerpt from an article in the Orange County Register by Fred Swegles.

    A pilot program this year at Clarence Lobo Elementary School in San Clemente is teaching students four ways to promote kindness and tolerance on campus.

    Don't tolerate bullying.

    Some tips-
    Parents need to talk to their kids about school violence and bullying and encourage positive behavior.

    Parents of troubled adolescents should sign up for the 10-week Parent Project. Call 949-361-8386.

    Bullying isn't just physical or verbal – it's spread via texting, social media and other digital formats.

    Need to know? Monitor the texts on your kids' cell phones.

    Revenge – largely in answer to bullying – is a prime motivator in school shootings. It's cumulative. "They snap."

    If you witness bullying, don't remain silent ... defend the victim.

    If you observe a kid who doesn't get picked for teams or activities, invite him or her in – build self-confidence.

    If you know of a bully or if you see bullying, tell an adult.

    Once a week, Lobo Elementary classrooms take time to chat about bullying and kindness. Kids will sit in a circle. When a scenario is presented, they are asked, what would you do?

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