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Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving

On average, every 51 minutes a person is killed in a drunk-driving crash in the United States and the majority of these crashes involve drivers who have a .15% blood alcohol content or higher, almost twice the legal limit of .08%.

The Orange County DUI Task Force, which is comprised of 38 law enforcement agencies in Orange County, will be deploying special roving DUI patrols this St. Patrick’s Day weekend in several communities, looking to stop and arrest drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs. These DUI patrols are in addition to regularly scheduled patrol officers.

It’s important to remember that “buzzed” driving is still drunk driving. Just two servings of an alcoholic beverage can put you at or above the legal limit of .o8%.

If you see a drunk driver, call 9-1-1.  If you plan to go out and drink, designate a driver who will stay completely sober to ensure you, and everyone on the road with you, arrive home safely.