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Medal of Valor Ceremony 2013

The Orange County Sheriff's Advisory Council (OCSAC) is a non-profit , charitable organization formed in the late 1970's. The council is comprised of business leaders whose goal is to provide support and funding for various law enforcement projects that benefit the residents of Orange County for which public funds are not available.

For the past 24 years, the OCSAC has sponsored the Annual Medal of Valor Luncheon. Each year, selected men and women of the department are honored for their meritorious service to the residents of Orange County. Medals may be presented in six areas; Valor, Courage, Lifesaving, Distinguished Deputy or Purple Heart.

This ceremony marks the culmination of a year of excellence and the opportunity for the community to join with the department, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and the OCSAC to honor these outstanding men and women.

Over the next several weeks, we will highlight the 2013 Medal of Valor award recipients, the meaning behind the medals, and the incredible stories of bravery and courage that exemplify the men and women of this great department.

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