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Feature: Good Samaritan Foils Robbery

The OCSD Blog Team consists of department members both sworn and professional bringing the interesting and unknown stories of OCSD to the News Blog.

Our first feature is from Sergeant Eric Nester. Sgt. Nester has been with OCSD for 23 years and is currently a patrol sergeant with Stanton Police Services.

About two weeks ago in the city of Stanton, an elderly lady drove over to a local store to pick up a few items.  She got out her SUV in the parking lot and was immediately approached by a very drunk man who demanded her car keys.  The woman at first did not take the man seriously thinking it was some type of joke.  But when the man shouted at her, and held a large buck knife to her chest, she knew he meant business.  The fearful woman threw her SUV keys at his feet and ran into the store to call for help. 

A young man acting as a Good Samaritan saw what had happened and approached the robber who was rummaging through the keys trying to gain access.  When the robber was confronted, he decided to make a break for it, but didn’t get very far when the young speedster tackled him after chasing him about 30 yards in the corner of the parking lot.  Trying to dump the evidence, the robber tossed his knife and the SUV keys and was able to break free and run another 75 yards before he was caught and tackled again by the Good Samaritan.  In a last ditch effort,  the robber tried to hop a fence but the young man was able to grab a hold of his legs and stop the robber  from evading arrest until deputies arrived and took the robber into custody. 

The Good Samaritan was able to back track his steps and was able to locate not only the knife used in the robbery, but also the victim’s SUV keys in the bushes.  This heroic individual went out of his way to help an elderly woman who was in the process of being robbed in the true spirit of a Good Samaritan!  At the end of the call, I told the young man that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is currently hiring!