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OCTA Board Honors Sheriff's Department Employee of the Quarter

OCSD Deputy Robert Toyer was honored as the Sheriff’s Department Employee of the Quarter by the OCTA Board of Directors. Deputy Toyer, a 23-year department veteran, is currently assigned to the Transit Police Services Right-of-Way Team whichis responsible for enforcement of trespassing, narcotics, alcohol, graffiti and public disturbance violations. Deputy Toyer is always ready and willing to assist his fellow deputies regardless of his work load. He is more than a member of the team; he is a leader and a role model. Deputy Toyer has made several high profile narcotics arrests and has been recognized by OCSD Investigations Division for his body of work.  Deputy Toyer works diligently to ensure OCTA is one of the safest public transportation systems in the country. The culminations of these career-long accomplishments have earned Toyer a spot on the department’s sergeants list.