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Mother's Day: A Deputy And A Mom

Deputy Maria Bowman never imagined herself becoming a Deputy Sheriff, and the idea came in the most unlikely of places.

“I had just moved to California from overseas, and I saw a billboard on the freeway,” she said.  “It intrigued me, and I looked into it.” 

After learning more, she dismissed the idea.  As a mom of two young girls, Bowman worried about the long hours, overnight shifts and grueling 26-week full stress academy.  But the idea simmered, and six years later she applied, and six months after that started the academy.

Bowman now has seven years of experience as a Deputy Sheriff under her gun-toting belt. She recounts the academy and overnight shifts in the jails by humbly calling them, “difficult.” She quickly follows with praise of her husband and daughters.

“They all stepped up,” Bowman said. “They were very understanding and supportive, and they’ve helped with everything around the house that I wanted to do, but couldn’t.”

Now, Bowman’s oldest daughter is a Corporal in the Explorers- a volunteer program for high school and college-age students to learn about a career in law enforcement.

“I’m very proud of her,” said Bowman. “Every mom should think their kid is super awesome, but she is an Explorer, captain of her lacrosse team, and an all-around good kid.”

As a deputy, Bowman sees herself as a strict mom but she teaches her daughters to be good leaders, self-sufficient and self-assured, all things she has seen develop in herself through her training.

“I expect good grades, for them to do chores, to earn what they have.  It’s all lessons we are taught as deputies- live within your means, work hard,” said Bowman.

This Mother’s Day, Deputy Bowman is working in her new assignment as a patrol deputy in Rancho Santa Margarita.  She’ll celebrate early with her family, and then spend the holiday doing the job she loves- being a Deputy Sheriff.