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San Juan Police Services Website

Lieutenant John Meyer has been with The Orange County Sheriff’s Department 28 ½ years. He is currently assigned as the Chief of Police Services for the city of San Juan Capistrano, where he has been since January of 2011. 

His goal is to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in San Juan Capistrano. In addition to the Deputies on the street, there is an active school resource officer who is very engaged in all the city schools located in SJC, as well as two Drug Liaison Deputies that provide drug-related education to parents and teens. The city also has one Homeless Liaison Deputy that works with the homeless population.

In addition to these special Deputies, the Mounted Enforcement Unit, patrol the city on horseback several times a month. The Mounted unit patrols open space, trails and creek beds as well as the downtown and residential areas. Something special about these patrol units is that they can reach places that a typical enforcement unit with vehicles cannot; this makes them very effective in locating criminal activity in hard to reach areas.

Lieutenant Meyer has strived to create better community outreach in San Juan Capistrano. It is their goal to encourage the residents to take on a greater role in preventing crime. The crime prevention unit is really leading the way in providing different programs for the community to get involved. They offer classes such as parenting classes, Teen Academy, National Night Out, as well as the most recent event Drug Take-Back-Day.

San Juan Capistrano Police Services recently unveiled their newly renovated website. The purpose of the new website is to educate visitors about what the San Juan Capistrano Police Services do as well as providing a mechanism for direct reporting of crime information and other tips. The site also includes tips on safety and the ability to sign up for the various services that they offer. Visit their new website