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Summit Held Featuring Prescription Drug Abuse

Law enforcement personnel from across Southern California gathered in May at the Village of Hope for the second Prescription Drug Abuse Summit. Sergeant Michael Pixomatis of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s Community Programs and Services Division coordinated and hosted the summit, with a total of 97 attendees representing 30 different agencies in Orange, San Diego, Riverside, and Los Angeles Counties.
Seven presenters spoke on various topics involving prescription drug abuse. The presentations covered an array of prescription drug abuse information from a variety of perspectives. Dr. Mike Ritter, who works at the Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center, spoke on trends seen in the Emergency Room. DEA Special Agent Marc Nomady who works with the OC Tactical Diversion Squad, the Irvine Police Department, Della Lisi Kerr of the County of Orange Health Care Agency, and Tiffany Williams who is the Deputy Coroner for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department all provided valuable information. In addition to these speakers there was also a Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID) presentation that focused on different ways to catch people that are driving under the influence of drugs before any harm is done to them, or to others. The speakers for that portion of the Summit were Captain George Crum, Fullerton Police Department, Jennifer Harmon who works for the Orange County Crime Lab, and Susan Price who is the Senior Deputy District Attorney.
These types of Summits are important for law enforcement personnel to learn and familiarize themselves with the latest drug trends, as well as learn from each other about drug abuse.