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Yorba Linda Explorers

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department began providing patrol services to the city Of Yorba Linda in January 2013. Since then, there have been many programs that have been introduced, including the Explorers.

The Explorers program teaches teens different types of law enforcement training and the fundamentals of law enforcement. They also learn how to do drills, building searches, as well as tour different OCSD facilities such as the Dispatch Center and Harbor Patrol. Volunteering is also a fundamental part of being an Explorer. In total this past year the Explorers have volunteered 35,000 hours. The Yorba Linda Explorers meet every Tuesday from 6:00-8:00 PM.

When they first began Sergeant Dan Daniels spearhead the effort posting flyers in the local high schools and holding an Open House to explain the program and how it worked. 18 Kids showed up, a higher amount than is most often seen when this type of programs starts off. Now there are a solid 16 members and growing.
The Explorer program is designed so that people may join at any time. The Yorba Linda Explorers are one Division out of 10.

For more information and how to join or to have the Explorers attend your organization's upcoming event, contact Sergeant Daniels at DDANIELS@OCSD.ORG or by phone at (714)-566-2711.