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Physical Fitness for Law Enforcement Class

Are you thinking of starting a career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and want to prepare for a career in law enforcement? Physical Fitness for Law Enforcement, a pre-employment preparation class, is designed for men and women of all fitness levels, from the couch potato to the triathlete.

The class has been instructed by Coach Marta (Bartlett) Sneddon for the past 15 years. One of the original pre-employment preparation classes; it originated because tactical staff saw too many people enter the academy not prepared. The fitness class helps people get over “the wall,” and teaches exercises, protocol, and speeches. Coach Marta said, “The fitness class has never been cancelled due to lack of involvement and the Sheriff’s Department has really partnered with the other preparation classes: TAP, pre-employment, and mentoring.”

Deputy Roxana Enriquez, currently assigned to the Women's Jail, had this to say after recently taking the fitness class before graduating the Orange County Sheriff’s Academy, “I was looking online for law enforcement classes to take and saw they were being offered through Santa Ana College. I thought, what better way to learn than to do “hands on” with the exercises and obstacle course. It was great for preparation and networking. What I liked best about the class were the techniques I learned, which made me more confident before entering the actual academy. I would tell anyone, who is seriously thinking of a career in law enforcement, to take the fitness class because you will see where you stand physically and mentally. It’s a lifesaver; a great opportunity to take on leadership roles and build your confidence.”

The next scheduled fitness class begins August 6th. For further information, click the following links: “Join OCSD,” “Pre-employment Tips,” then "Physical Fitness for Law Enforcement Applicants.”