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Orange County Crime Lab - 2012 Accomplishments

The Orange County Crime Lab (OCCL) provides comprehensive forensic information and scientific evidence analysis for all of Orange County. The OCCL employs a broad set of field, specialist, and scientific staff.  Oversight of the OCCL is provided by the Cooperating Department Heads: the Sheriff-Coroner, the District Attorney, and the County CEO.

During 2012, the OCCL:

  • processed 34,000 cases and 64,000 items of evidence;
  • performed over 184,000 individual scientific examinations;
  • performed over 7,500 toxicology analyses on over 1,300 Coroner investigations;
  • received over 11,000 blood alcohol DUI samples and 5,600 DUI breath alcohol results;
  • collected over 5,400 and processed over 1,900 latent fingerprints from crime scenes and evidence;
  • compared and examined 18,000 fingerprints;
  • produced over 36,000 reports;
  • testified in over 590 cases totaling over 1700 hours in the courtroom;
  • responded to more than 3,900 crime scene and autopsy field calls;
  • was responsible for over 119,000 digital photographs from criminal investigations;
  • handled over 93,000 Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) search requests;
  • performed over 29,000 DUI blood alcohol level determinations (over 11,000 cases);
  • generated more than 38,000 DNA profiles;
  • received more than 950 CODIS (Comined DNA Index System) database DNA hits;
  • and worked more than 530 different offense types of criminal cases.