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Crime Prevention: Daytime Residential Burglaries

Following recent daytime burglaries in Yorba Linda and Lake Forest, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department wants to remind residents to be alert and protect yourself and your home. These simple reminders of basic home security can deter criminals and lower the possibility of you or someone you love becoming a victim.

• Lock all windows, doors and garages every time you leave your home. Many residential burglaries occur by criminals walking through unlocked front, garage or back doors and windows.  These are also good habits to keep even when you are home.

• Make your home look occupied, even during the day. 

• Do not open the door if you don’t know who the person is or why they are there. All too frequently homeowners reflexively answer a doorbell or a knock on the door by opening the door without checking to see who's there.

• Report all suspicious activity- If You See Something, Say Something. If you see someone acting suspicious like lurking around the side yard of a residence you know they do not belong at, get as detailed of a description as you can (gender, approx. height, weight, age, clothing, identifying tattoos, direction of travel, etc.) and call the OCSD non-emergency dispatch line at (714) 647-7000 or (949) 770-6011 or if it is an emergency, CALL 911.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is committed to remaining vigilant in safeguarding our communities and protecting all we serve.