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Commendation for OCSD North Operations Deputies

On Friday, August 30, OCSD Deputies Larson and Valdez assigned to the Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) of North Operations  were patrolling the unincorporated area of Midway City. They made contact with two subjects in an occupied vehicle in a parking lot.  The subjects had miscellaneous property in plain view in the car.  The property was in pillowcases and the deputies suspected it may have been stolen. 


Dispatch advised the deputies that Fountain Valley Police Department had just broadcast a burglary with information that matched the description of the subjects and the vehicle they had detained.  Fountain Valley Police responded to the scene for an infield show-up and the witness positively identified the two subjects detained as the suspects in the residential burglary.


The victim in the burglary received all of her property back and it brought her tremendous relief and happiness. Among the property stolen were the ashes of her 10-year old son who had recently passed from cancer.  Also recovered was a lock of her son’s hair that had fallen off during his chemotherapy treatments.   This distraught mother was extremely happy and thankful to the deputies.