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National Preparedness Month: Teacher Tips

This is the second in an Emergency Management series during National Preparedness Month.

Schools are an important and integral part of a child’s life. Having an emergency situation away from home can leave children feeling frightened, confused, and insecure. The best way to help your students feel safe about disasters is to educate them. Make sure they understand that they are an important part of your school’s emergency plan. Good planning ahead of time will expedite a rapid, coordinated, effective response when a crisis does occur.
• Encourage your students to bring a disaster kit to keep in the classroom or build a school emergency kit.
• Explain how each item in the emergency kit might be used in case of emergency.
• Work with students during class time to write out a class plan for emergencies.
• Develop procedures for communicating with staff, students, families, and the media.
• Establish procedures to account for students during a crisis.
• Gather information about the school facility, such as maps and the location of utility shutoffs.

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