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National Preparedness Month: Make A Kit

Disasters don’t just happen when you are at home, they can happen anywhere and anytime so it is important to be prepared when disaster strikes. Prepare emergency kits for home, work and your vehicle.
• It’s best to think first about the basics of survival: fresh water, food, clean air and warmth.
• However, every family is different and your kit may include other essential items in the event of a disaster such as prescription medicine, diapers or spare contact lenses.
• Pack enough food and water for at least 3 days.
• Make sure each of your vehicles contains a “go bag” – a portable emergency kit for your car
• Consider items necessary for immediate safety if you must evacuate quickly while in your car. Assemble these items in a backpack or other type of container that you can lift and carry quickly.
• Each member of your family should have a “go bag” with an identification tag.

In a disaster, you probably won’t be able to shop for the supplies you need, so advanced preparation is key to your survival!
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