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Join in National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement


The following is a guest post from OCSD's Assistant Chief Senior Chaplain Kathleen Kooiman.

Sunday, October 6, 2013 is the National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement and as a Sheriff’s Department Chaplain I am asking everyone to join with me in a moment of prayer and a moment of silence.   Often during times of grief, loss, or tragedy we all find ourselves drawn to each other to specifically share a special moment.  Some will pray, others will be silent but all of us experience a connection we did not have just a minute before.  We connect with each other in a profound way and we connect with those we are remembering or praying for in an equally profound way.    Whether in pray or in silence, the power of that moment is a gift that we give together to those special men and women who would give and have given their lives to protect us.

Let’s take a moment to honor the men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives to bring criminals who prey on others to justice.  Let’s honor their selflessness, their courage, and their relentless pursuit of righteousness.   Let’s always remember the calling to law enforcement is a high calling indeed and those who answer that calling deserve our utmost respect and admiration.   They have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. They willingly put themselves in harm’s way to protect you, me, our families, and our communities.  They pursue, arrest, and remove our enemies from the streets – AND they never say anything about it – 14 years in law enforcement and I have never heard ANYONE go on about how wonderful they are.  For them it’s really just another day in the life of a super hero.

I would submit to you today that God has placed them in our lives to care for and really love and for that we should be very grateful, if not solemnly grateful.    So for all of us in the law enforcement family, let’s take that moment and really love them and praise them in our hearts because tomorrow they AND ALL THEY HAVE DONE WILL THUNDER THROUGH OUR MEMORIES.     And so it is with a humble heart today that I ask you again to join me in invoking God’s blessing in a moment of prayer or a moment of silence.  Please let it come from a place that is meaningful to you and according to your own faith tradition so your experience is precious.  Let’s join together so we come before God with many voices but with one heart turning the power of a moment into a moment of power.  May God bless all of you for your gracious commitment of one special moment of your life this Sunday.


Asst Chief Sr. Chaplain Kathleen Kooiman

Orange County Sheriff’s Department