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San Clemente Police Services Sign Receives Facelift

A new mural graces the Orange County Sheriff’s Departments’ San Clemente substation wall. This mural has a deeper meaning than just a nice piece of artwork. The artist, Joyce Poissons, did it in gratitude for the first responders work in helping save her husband’s life.
About 2 years ago, Walter Jones was involved in a traffic accident in which he was riding a motorcycle and collided into a brick wall. Jones was lucky in that his accident happened less than a block away from police and fire stations. It took nine hours of surgery to put together the then 103 fractures in Jones’ face. Jones also had punctured lungs, a brain injury, and two fractured vertebrae among other injuries.
Deputy Shane Stewart made an impact on Jones’ wife that day, and many to follow. Deputy Stewart not only delivered the news of Jones’ accident to Poissons, but went out of his way to make sure she was okay. Deputy Stewart called Poissons daily and visited the family during that hard time.
“There are times when a particular case or victim strikes a chord with one of the deputies and they take the time to follow up or to offer additional assistance,” said San Clemente Chief of Police Services Lt. John Coppock. “This was the case with Deputy Stewart. It is awesome to see how the kindness of the deputies often comes to light in interesting ways.”
As a special “thank you” to all the first responders that saved her husband’s life, Poissons painted the new mural that now graces the San Clemente substation wall.
There is no lack of gratitude on OCSD’s part. Lt. Coppock summarized the San Clemente teams’ thankfulness saying, “the sign is special to all of us here at San Clemente Police Services. It is specific to the San Clemente culture and is another way we have found to become more connected to the community.”

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