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Thank You From Handler of K9 "Abby"

I just wanted to say a big thank you, to all that took the time to help me select a name for our new Search and Rescue dog. I was not expecting over 600 responses!

My criteria for choosing her name were just a few. The name had to be short with one or two syllables, and have a high-energy sound to get her attention in the event of danger. Several of the names suggested are already used by our other Search and Rescue K-9s (Sadie, Reese, and Charlee) I did not want confusion when working with them. Many of the other names are already taken with other friends, neighbor’s pets.

First runner up was Clarice. (Silence of the lambs), but sounded too close to Resse one of our Bloodhounds. Other runners up were Digger, Skully, and Bones. Many of you offered these great suggestions. I declined on these and similar names, as it would be too hard for me to call for “Bones” or “Digger” on-scene if family and friends of the victim were present. I wish to be sensitive to their feelings during one of their most difficult days in their life.

The winner:
ABBY short for Abbigail, and her middle name; SCOUT
Abby is also the high-energy crime fighting forensics expert in the original NCIS TV show.

Lastly; to Raylene Alexis I can’t name her Brave. That name is reserved for you. We will arrange for a special visit!
Please contact our Reserve Coordinator at OCSD.

Thank you all

Reserve Sgt. Alan Lenning
Orange County Sheriff’s Department Search - Rescue