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Don't Drink and Drive

While the holidays are a time of joy and celebration, they are also a time of increased drunk driving incidents. The Orange County Sheriff's Department reminds you to not drink and drive.

AAA of Southern California is offering Tipsy Tow, a free service for members and nonmembers to call for a ride and tow within seven miles of pick-up on New Year's Eve. More information on the cost of a DUI and Tipsy Tow is below.

From AAA's website
A first DUI conviction can easily cost you over $12,000

Drinking and driving is a costly gamble. Even on a first offense, you could be looking at over $12,000 in fines, fees, and other expenses.

Estimated costs for first misdemeanor DUI conviction:

Fine (minimum): $390 or more
Penalties (typical): $780
Vehicle tow/storage: $187
15-week alcohol education classes: $500
Victim restitution fund: $100
DMV licensing re-issue fee: $125
Booking, fingerprinting, and photo fee: $156
Auto insurance rate increase: $7,424 over a ten year period
Attorney fees: $2,500
= $12,162

Additional potential costs:

Up to 48 hours in jail, maybe more
Lost work time and wages—or losing your job entirely
Medical costs
Vehicle or property damage
Transportation costs during a 4-month license suspension
Cost of an ignition interlock device if required by the court
Other court-imposed fines and fees
Civil liability

There are approximately 1,500 Californians killed and 30,000 injured each year as a result of drinking and driving. The choice to use alcohol is a legal right granted to adults 21 years of age and over. It’s what you choose to do with that right that makes a difference.

Tipsy Tow

Statistics show that traffic-related fatalities increase significantly around the holidays. As such, the Auto Club sponsors a complimentary Tipsy Tow service on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July, which offers free rides to drivers who have been drinking. Avoid becoming a statistic and help guests stay safe by following these tips:

Ensure all guests have a ride to and from their destination in a car driven by a non-drinking designated driver
Plan activities that take the focus away from drinking, and make non-alcoholic beverages readily available
Serve high-protein snacks to slow down alcohol absorption
Stop serving alcohol at least 90 minutes before a party ends, and serve guests coffee or dessert
Take car keys from intoxicated guests who plan to drive home
Tipsy Tow service provides a complimentary ride and vehicle tow up to seven miles from the point of pickup to drivers who have consumed alcohol on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. Tipsy Tow service is available to members and non-members. Ask for a Tipsy Tow by calling 1-800-400-4222.