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Meet Clyde of the Mounted Enforcement Unit

Orange County Sheriff's Department Mount "Clyde"
Breed: Percheron Draft Horse
Born: April 2000
Sex: Male
Height: 16.3 hands
Weight: 1500 lbs.
Rider/Trainer: Lieutenant Doug Williams

Clyde was born in Pennsylvania and was trained as a plow horse. After working hard for many years, he was thrown away, abused and almost died. Though destined to be destroyed, he was saved during the winter of 2012 and entered a horse rescue for a couple of months. His now partner and trainer Doug saw a video about Clyde, heard his story and decided to give him a forever home.
In April 2013, Clyde arrived by truck to his new home in California. Doug and Clyde have worked hard at training and learning the skils necessary to work mounted patrol with the Sheriff's Mounted Enforcement Unit. Due to lots of TLC, Clyde has gained back much of his lost weight and is a healthy, good-natured horse. Clyde loves children and attention, and is happy to be serving the citizens of Orange County.

Clyde's message to you: "No matter how bad things are, never give up! Tomorrow can be a better day!"