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Field Training Bureau Graduates Class Three

After an extensive 28 week academy training, our deputy graduates start their careers in corrections. They work in the jails for five to seven years and then promote to patrol. In order to make the transition from jail to patrol, the Field Training Bureau created an 80-hour course called Patrol School that ensures our deputies are ready for their new assignments.

One of the last days of Patrol School, the deputies are set up realistic situations called the “10-8 City Day.” 10-8 is radio code meaning “available to receive a call.” This training is conducted at the former United States Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in the old enlisted housing area.

For this day of training, they had 15 actors and 18 Field Training Officers respond to assist the deputies. They also utilized the Department Mobile Command Center and dispatchers to dispatch the deputies to their assigned calls for service. The calls ranged from a complaint of loud music, to a domestic violence, to a robbery and many others. Utilizing the housing area at the former air station allowed the students to operate patrol units (cars), navigate real streets and respond to actual residences. Also included during the 10-8 City Day were stations for building clearings and vehicle searches.

The Field Training Bureau recently completed their third Patrol School. Congratulations to both the Field Training Bureau for their outstanding Patrol School, and the Patrol School graduates who are now patrolling our contract cities and unincorporated areas of the county.