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Forensic Scientist Scott Becker Receives Award from the California Association of Criminalists (CAC)

Scott Becker is the recipient of the 2013 CAC Edward F. Rhodes Memorial Award.  The award, which is given to an individual who is newly employed in the field of criminalistics or preparing for a career in criminalistics, provides the individual with an opportunity to attend a major forensic or scientific meeting that benefits forensic practitioners. 

Scott was nominated by Katherine Roberts, the Director of the Criminalistics Graduate Program at California State University, Los Angeles.  His supervisor at Orange County Crime Lab (OCCL), Mary Hong, was also instrumental in the nomination and agreed with Kathy’s opinions about Scott. In her nomination, Kathy stated that Scott distinguished himself immediately as a student who was filled with passion, enthusiasm and excitement about the course material.  He is always an active and engaged class participant and he believes in cooperating with others and helping them to achieve their goals.  Scott is an outstanding student and currently places in the top three students in his class.  Based on his academic performance, his cooperative spirit and dedication, Scott exhibits all of the qualities that will lead him to a successful career as a criminalist.  Scott has demonstrated the same excitement, teamwork, and excellence as an intern, Forensic Technician, and Forensic Scientist in the DNA Section.  Scott will use his award to attend the May, 2014 CAC Seminar hosted by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Crime laboratory.

Congratulations Scott!