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Spotlight: OCSD Technical Rescue Team

Mari Frank of KUCI interviewed Reserve Lieutenant Chuck Williams recently. Reserve Lieutenant Williams is a Handler and Trainer as well as directs the Technical Rescue Team and has been with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for 18 years.

Reserve Lieutenant Williams is the trainer of an 8-year-old Labrador retriever named Charlee. Charlee specializes in Human Remains Detection. Many people know this as a “cadaver dog.” Charlee can also locate people without a scent article which is referred to as Wilderness air scent.

Charlee has had 8 incredible finds during her career. The most memorable two are when Charlee alerted two areas of a house, three days later the man was arrested and confessed that those two places were where involved in the homicides. The second, Charlee was assisting another agency when she alerted to an area in a backyard. They dug up the yard two days later and found a body buried four  feet beneath the surface.

Charlee alerts Reserve Lieutenant Williams but sitting or lying down with her nose toward the source. Her reward after the fact is that she gets to play “tug-of-war.” This is the only time when she is allowed to play the game.

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