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Inmate Services Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

On Saturday June 14th more than 500 Inmate Services volunteers representing 16 different volunteer groups attended the Inmate Services Volunteer Appreciation Picnic.

Inmate Services volunteers donate their time to provide support to seven County jail facilities, assisting with meals, commissary, educational, vocational, religious, recreational, and re-entry transition programs to foster rehabilitation into the community once inmates are out of Sheriff’s custody.

The volunteers and their families joined Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and the Custody Operations command staff at William Mason Regional Park in Irvine to enjoy a barbeque, live music, and an awards ceremony.

The Volunteer Appreciation Picnic began in 2001 and was held until 2011, when it was canceled due to lack of funding.  OCSD and Inmate Services are proud to host this event once again for a vital part of our organization, our volunteers.