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Meet OCSD's First Women's Shooting Team, Trigger Team 18!

Earlier this year Deputy Laurel Yoshimoto created the first Orange County Sheriff’s Department Women’s Shooting Team, officially known as “Trigger Team 18”. The goal of the team is to encourage women in law enforcement to take part in shooting competitions more regularly.

There are 10 dedicated team members: Deputies L. Yoshimoto, R. Enriquez, D. Watt, M. Bowman, A. Andrade, R. Lawson, C. Ortiz, A. Raphael, and SSOs J. Tindugan and K. Olson; as well as several other women who practice and compete when they are able.

The team practices at the Tactical Training Center under the supervision of their coach Deputy Josh Yoshimoto, Weapon Instructor Jerry Lee and Trainer Ryan McNamara.

Recently Trigger Team 18 competed in the Prado Memorial Day match where SSO Katie Olson won Silver and Deputy Yoshimoto won Bronze. The team also won Gold at the Police and Fire Games last month with Deputy Yoshimoto finishing in first place and SSO Jean Tindugan taking third place in the Individual Shooting Competition.