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What do we do with all the drugs?

Every year, thousands of pounds and millions of dollars’ worth of illegal drugs are confiscated during investigations throughout Orange County.

But when the case has closed and there is no longer any legal reasons to keep these narcotics, where do they go?

Several times a year, personnel from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department participate in what’s called a “drug burn.”

The narcotics are gathered up, loaded into a truck and taken to an undisclosed location where they are incinerated. The drugs are burned at such an intense heat, the facility’s smoke stack releases virtually no smoke.

The Sheriff’s Department on Aug. 28 participated in a drug burn of more than 2,400 pounds of drugs with a street value of $13.2 million.

That’s a lot of work by the Sheriff’s Department to pull harmful substances off Orange County streets!

Take a look at what was burned on this most recent operation:

Cocaine: 478.8 pounds

Methamphetamine: 260.2 pounds

Heroin: 501.2 pounds

Marijuana: 233.7 pounds

Prescription drugs: 361.6 pounds

Miscellaneous: 575.6 pounds