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The Crime Lab makes a difference by ... making a good impression.

In honor of National Forensic Science Week, the Orange County Crime Lab wants to educate the public on the many ways our work impacts the county and makes a difference in the life of the citizens we serve.


We all know the importance of making a good impression. Lucky for Orange County residents, Crime Lab personnel are experts at the practice.   


Making a positive impression is the hallmark of the Identification Bureau, which consists of CSI Forensic Specialists, Latent Comparison, Latent Processing, Impression Evidence, PhotoLab and the Evidence Control Unit.


Every scene has a cryptic story to tell, and the Identification Bureau is critical to deciphering the narrative.


Whether early in the morning, late at night, on a holiday or over the weekend, the team is busy documenting crime scenes using a variety of techniques such as photography, sketching, fingerprint analysis and comparison, and evidence collection. From figuring out who burglarized a home to uncovering clandestine drug labs to identifying a  potential murder suspect, the ID Bureau often is a key component in solving the case.