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National Cyber Security Awareness Month Tips from OCSD

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department encourages you to take steps to protect yourself from cyber-attacks and fraud.

Cyber scammers use internet services or software to steal your identity, credit card information, or place malware on your computer.
Suspects of cybercrime use many different methods to solicit personal information from you by pretending to be government, police, and IRS officials.

Types of scams include:
• Text Phishing Schemes
• Online Employment Scams
• Tech Support Scams
• Telephone Taxes Due Scams
• Telephone Utilities Due Scams
• Item Listed for Sale Check Scams
• Warrant for Your Arrest Scams

Cybercriminals rely on the fact that most people do not change the default user names and passwords to gain access to your device. It only takes one such device on your network to corrupt the entire network.
Steps you can take to prevent cybercrime include:
• Use strong passwords
• Don’t send your password via email, chat, text or at all!
• Log off of unattended PCs
• Place secure passwords on mobile devices
• Set up two-step verification on your online accounts wherever possible
• Pay attention to the URLs of websites you visit
• Use a firewall and anti-virus software
• Frequently check your privacy and security settings, customize them with how much you want to share
• Always lock your screen when you’re finished using your computer, tablet, or phone

Visit to learn more about Cyber Safety, Scams, and how to file a report in the event that you are a victim of a cybercrime.