Awards - Deputy of the Year

Mark Froome

This is Deputy Mark Froome’s second year being selected as the Lake Forest Deputy of the Year. It is Mark’s third year having some of the highest arrest totals in South Orange County. Since 2004, Mark has made just under 300 felony arrests. Most of these arrests were made due to Mark’s ability to detect suspicious criminal behavior.

This is not only an unprecedented accomplishment on its own, but when you consider that he is not assigned to a Special Enforcement Detail and handles calls for service as well, it stands out as even more of an accomplishment. Combining this with the fact that the majority of his arrests are self-initiated narcotic observations, his accomplishments are even more impressive.

Dedication and self-motivation are qualities that can not be taught. They are things that an individual must carry within himself. Mark has demonstrated that he possesses both of these qualities; not only because of his high arrest statistics, but because of his personal conduct as well. In the last four years, Mark has never missed a shift due to an illness. He comes in early and stays late as needed, as well as spending a large portion of his off-duty time in court testifying.

In the early morning hours of a shift in 2006, Mark was involved in a traffic stop which resulted in a pursuit. The suspect fled into a housing community where he abandoned his vehicle and entered an occupied residence through a window. The suspect terrorized the sleeping residents, and the residents fled the house. Deputy Froome and several other Lake Forest deputies entered the residence and encountered a combative suspect. The suspect was subdued with no injury to any deputy. The suspect was wanted for an outstanding felony warrant for burglary and was in possession of numerous items of stolen property.

Many deputies have done exception work for the Sheriff’s Department, but to sustain that effort year after year takes an inner drive that few possess. It takes a special individual to do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, and to do some things better than they were ever done before. Mark has proven himself to be one of those individuals.