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Bill WaibelBill Waibel

(Retired Senior Volunteer Program)

Bill Waibel became a member of the RSVP program at San Clemente in August 2005. Prior to his volunteer years, Bill spent his career as an engineer, where he lived and worked many years in Brazil.

His RSVP duties are vast to include patrol responsibilities; vacant home checks, transporting vehicles to and from the many garages in Laguna Niguel and Santa Ana and the communications center at Eckhoff in Orange. While on patrol, Bill is responsible for issuing Handicapped and Expired Registration parking citations, deploying the City’s 3 Radar Trailers, assisting with traffic control at serious and fatal traffic accidents, street closures at crime scenes, crowd control at beach and the city’s many special events, weekend at the PACT house at the Pier, ride a long program on the summer beach patrol on the ATV’s, assists with the Spanish speaking Parent Project Classes and works at the Records front counter. Bill is a member of the RSVP steering committee and assumed the duties of RSVP Coordinator in April of 2010.

Bill enjoys vacationing in Lake Genova, Wisconsin enjoying his beer and brots. He is an avid snow skier. You can usually find Bill with a smile on his face and he is always friendly around the station.