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OCSD Gold Star Award Winners

Award background:Every quarter representatives from the various Divisions within the Orange County Sheriff’s Department meet to discuss the Department’s Gold Star Awards. The Gold Star award is given to individuals who exemplify the Mission of the Department and go above and beyond in the line of duty.

What makes this award great is that employee nominations are made not only by immediate supervisors, but also by peers. Anyone on the Department can nominate anyone else at any time. Committee members review nomination forms quarterly and make recommendations to their respective Assistant Sheriff for review and confirmation. Each Assistant Sheriff can confirm the award for two individuals within their command each quarter. Once a Department member has received the award, they can not receive it again.

Recently, Stanton Police Services had a nominee selected for the Department’s Gold Star Award. This was only the second time in Division history that Stanton Police Services has had a nominee selected as an award winner.

Deputy Sam Kong began his career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 1990. Since then, he has proven himself as a valuable asset to the Department. After graduating from the Sheriff’s Academy, Sam was assigned to the Intake Release Center where he became highly competent and familiar with every position in the Jail. His experience, professionalism, knowledge and thoroughness were highly respected by his peers and supervisors. Due to his strong work ethic, Sam was chosen for the Jail Classification Team where he was responsible for classification on inmates entering the jail system. During his time in classification, Deputy Kong developed good interview skills and began to develop an expertise in gangs which would benefit him later in his career.

During 1998, Deputy Kong was transferred to North Operations and completed his patrol field training. After working a short time in North Operations, Deputy Kong transferred to West Operations in 1999 and began his patrol career for Stanton Police Services. Sam gained a wealth of experience patrolling for the City of Stanton as he handled a variety of cases ranging from property crimes, traffic, narcotic violations, robberies, assaults, and homicides. Deputy Kong has always stayed focused on his work assignment and is motivated to make arrests. He has the ability to work with minimal supervision and has always kept himself updated on new laws or policies and procedures of the Department.

For the past few years, Deputy Kong has worked for the Stanton Directed Patrol Team. During this assignment, Sam continued developing his interviewing and investigative skills. He has conducted line-ups, obtained warrants and made several high caliber arrests. He continues to set a good example to the public and interacts well with victims, witnesses and suspects. Since his time spent as a Directed Patrol Team member, Deputy Kong has been the leader and instrumental point that is responsible in contributing to a 17 % reduction in major crimes committed in Stanton . With persistence and determination, Deputy Kong has handled numerous felony investigations involving gang activity in Stanton.

During a six week period, Sam arrested several gang members involved in robberies, stolen vehicles, narcotics and assault with deadly weapons. He recovered two handguns, methamphetamine, and served four felony warrants. Several members of the Sheriff’s Gang Enforcement Team have relied on Deputy Kong’s knowledge in the identification and location of several gang members within the City of Stanton .

Besides being a productive member of our Department in the enforcement of laws, Sam has always maintained a positive attitude with his peers, supervisors, and professional staff. He is described by the professional staff and supervisors as courteous, dependable, and just a pleasure to work with.

With everything that Deputy Kong has done for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and for the City of Stanton , it was no surprise to anyone that Deputy Kong was selected by the West Operations Division as the West Operations Deputy of the year for 2006. Because of his efforts and accomplishments, Deputy Kong has set the bar high for younger and less experienced deputies. Deputy Kong’s dedication to his Department and duty is truly worthy of the Department’s Gold Star Award.